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Sales Apprentice Job Description


General Description

To learn how to be become a senior sales rep for The Garland Company. They will learn to have a broad background in selling and a professional approach to marketing. They will learn how to increase sales, penetrate markets, and generate maximum returns for themselves and the company. Furthermore, they will learn how to handle many of the more difficult problems in marketing, such as explaining to prospects the technical aspects of Garland roofing systems, selling against tough competition, and working through customer perceptions that directly affect business. They will learn during the three year apprenticeship how to “put it all together” and in the process derive self-satisfaction from achieving weekly, monthly and yearly objectives and growing within the organization.

Job Requirements

Job Responsibilities

  1. Develop New Markets and Accounts
  2. Control the Financial Aspects of Selling
  3. Demonstrate a Strong Roofing Knowledge/Skill Base
  4. Provide Leadership and Good Management Practices
  5. Demonstrate “Motivated” Behaviors
  6. Maintain Records, Information Flow and Administrative Details
  7. Develop Key Accounts
  8. Manage Marketing Efforts
  9. Optimize Distribution
  10. Provide Customer Service
  11. Cooperation within the Company