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Understanding the Steps to Successful Roofing Projects

A lot goes into a roofing project. These articles explore a variety of topics from specifying specific products to choosing the right roof asset management tools.

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Beyond Energy Savings: The Long-Term Benefits of LEED®- Compliant Buildings
This article explains the various aspects of roof design that contribute to LEED buildings performance and explores the ways in which initial reflectance affects the long-term weathering performance of reflective systems.
RCI Interface

Four Steps to Successful Roofing Projects
Whether you have the manpower or expertise in-house, or use a roofing professional, following the four steps outlined in this article will ensure that your roofs perform as specified.
Ops Talk

Four Ways to Pre-Qualify the Quality of Roof Systems
This article is intended to help building owners, architects and facility managers pre-qualify the quality of roofing materials to ensure the lasting integrity of rooftop waterproofing solutions.
Design Cost Data

Polyurethanes In Roofing Applications: How Chemistry Improves Rooftop Performance
This article focuses on the basics of the chemistry behind polyurethanes, and the trends that have driven the roofing industry toward their use in the form of foams, coatings, and adhesives.
The Construction Specifier

Specifying Polyurethane Products
Despite the ubiquity of polyurethane materials, many design and construction professionals don’t understand the building science behind these products. But knowing polyurethane attributes helps ensure products are properly specified.
Construction Canada

The Bonds That Bind
Whether it’s stain being applied to a deck or a highly waxed car in a dealer’s showroom – what you’re seeing is adhesion at work. This article explores the five basic mechanisms commonly used to describe adhesion.
Coatings Pro

The Right Stuff: Selecting Roof Asset Management Tools
Regular maintenance can extend the life of a high-performance roof system and help avoid major repairs, so planning for routine roof maintenance should be on top of every facility managers ‘to do’ list.
Facilities Engineering Journal