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Making Buildings More Energy Efficient

Sustainable and cool roofing is a growing trend in the commercial roofing industry, and one that will continue to evolve through continued research and development as designers and engineers strive to make buildings more energy efficient.

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Cool Roofing a Hot Concern in 2008
The phenomenon of rolling blackouts has made Peak Energy Demand (PED) reduction a critical concern. PED ultimately affects how much energy is required from a specific power grid to satisfy community needs.
RCI Extra

LEED: Efficient Operations and Maintenance LEED® to Savings
The new LEED Existing Building Operations & Maintenance system is aimed at managers and others who wish to drive down operating costs while increasing the occupants’ productivity in an environmentally responsible manner.
American School & Hospital Facility

Specifying Today’s Roofing Systems to Control Tomorrow’s Energy Costs
Today’s facility managers are faced with the task of striking a delicate balance between maintaining building performance and keeping operating costs within budget in this volatile energy market.
American School & Hospital Facility

The Cool Roofing Trend
The growth of cool roofing will ultimately be determined by the combined influences of energy, material costs, building envelope performance requirements, legislative mandates/incentives, and advancements in roofing material technologies.
American School & Hospital Facility

The Green Decision: Choosing the Correct Products Can Mean a More Eco-Friendly Building
By aligning your project goals with products that meet the established LEED criteria, you can create high-performance buildings that are a model of sustainability.
Architectural West

White Reflective Roof Coatings: Improving the Sustainability of Existing Roofs
It is sometimes mistakenly assumed that cool or sustainable roofing applies exclusively to new construction. However, there are several ways to convert existing commercial roofs to sustainable ones.
Architectural West