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Meet Your Local Garland Representative at a Trade Show Near You

View our trade show schedule so you can make plans now to meet your local Garland representative at an event near you. The schedule is updated regularly, so check back often for updated dates and locations.

Trade Show Schedule


Date Show City/State Sales Rep Booth #
Mar 14-16 YMCA Facility Summit New York City, NY Al Orlacchio  
Mar 14-16 NJSBGA Atlantic City, NJ Harry Comfort  
Mar 16-18 CEFPI Spring Conference Columbia, SC Barry Slayden  
Mar 20-24 KWWOA Louisville, KY Zach Hadden  
Mar 22-24 NFMT Baltimore, MD Aaron Hundley 2140
Mar 24 ACP Expo Denver, CO Hayden Garrett  
Mar 29 SSHC 16 Cincinnati, OH Todd Poeppelmeier  
Mar 30 Sourcing Summit U.S. Communities Tucson, AZ Dave Andrews  
Mar 31 Sourcing Summit U.S. Communities Charlotte, NC Matt Greco  

Apr 3-5 HEF16 Hollywood, FL Adrian Stitts  
Apr 5 UFOMA St. George, UT Logan DeWitt  
Apr 8 NIGP Tampa Bay TBAC Tampa, FL Henry Passerini  
Apr  12-14 IFMA Facility Fusion Indianapolis, IN    
Apr 12-15 OASBO Columbus, OH Wes Van Autreve 209
Apr 13 KASBO Overland Park, KS Greg Leslie  
Apr 13 FBEFM Tampa, FL Henry Passerini 909
Apr 13-14 KAPPA Southpointe, PA Sam Roberts  
Apr 14 OSFMA Albany, OR Dell Turner 66
Apr 14-15 CASBO Pasadena, CA Sean Jarvis 917
Apr 17-18 Plant Manager Conference Mobile, AL Tom Townsend  
Apr 18 Design Columbus Columbus, OH Tim Gargasz 57
Apr 20-22 CASBO Pasadena, CA Hayden Garrett  
Apr 21 APWA Expo Tampa, FL Craig O'Hara  
Apr 21-22 CLA Hartford, CT Gordon Rossi  
Apr 22 MPPOA Lansing, MI Brad Konvolina  
Apr 27-28 MSBO Grand Rapids, MI Matt Verhey  427
Apr 27-28 APPEF Atlantic City, NJ Harry Comfort  
Apr 27-29 PARRS State College, PA Dan Becker  
Apr 28 CASBO Southington, CT Gordon Rossi  8
Apr 28 Mass Buys Expo Boston, MA Ed McCabe 178A
Apr 28 CWPAA Wallingford, CT Steve Botelho  

May 3-6 AASBO Orange Beach, AL    
May 3-6 MoASBO Osage Beach, MO Ken Yovich  
May 4-6 IL ASBO Annual Conference Schaumburg, IL Scott Goehring  
May 4-6 NC APWA Facilities Nagshead, NC Matt Greco  
May 5-6 CAHED Denver, CO Hayden Garrett  
May 11-13 KASBO Louisville, KY Rick Sunderman  
May 18-19 SCFE Anaheim, CA Pete Cochran 211
May 18-20 TriState ASBO Bretton, NH Scott Livernois  
May 19-21 AIA Philadelphia, PA Bill Pancoast 1156
May 22-25 ASBO Baltimore, MD Aaron Hundley  
May 26 WASBO Spring Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI Andrew Bath  
May 26-28 AAM Museum Expo Washington, DC Ron Neely  

Jun 1-2 NCPSMA Black Mountain, NC Rob Banks  
Jun 20-22 AASBO Tuscon, AZ Sean Flanagan  

Jul 1 FEFPA Tarpon Springs, FL Henry Passerini  
Jul 20-22 AASBO Tucson, AZ Sean Flanagan  
Aug 9-12 NCHEA Wilmington, NC Rob Banks  
Aug 23-26 NIGP National Harbor, MD Frank Percaciante  

Sep 14-16 ACCFO Asheville, NC Rob Banks  
Sep 23-26 ASBO International Phoenix, AZ Sean Flanagan  515
Sep 29-1 SAR (AIA) Raleigh, NC Brian Fritz  

Oct 5-6 GreenBuild Los Angeles, CA Brian Lambert 2063

Nov 14-15 OSBA Columbus, OH Wes Van Autreve 409/411