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Customer Testimonials: Why I Work With Garland?

Throughout our history, Garland has provided roofing solutions to hundreds of thousands of customers, the majority of whom have become and remain loyal partners for many decades. We asked a handful of our customers to explain what it is that sets Garland apart from the rest. This is what they had to say.

Jack Lowe
Senior Program Manager, Parsons (Louisville, Kentucky)

"[My Garland rep] really emulates what we would hope to see in every vendor we have to deal with in material construction product wise. He has a great personality and simply has been able to provide the knowledge and expertise required to solve our problems."


Blaine Chipola
President & Engineering Consultant, Professional Roof Services, Inc. (Middletown, Delaware)

"I think [Garland] representatives actually care about their clients and not the bottom line, which is extremely rare in the industry today. [Product] performance and the backing of the product is second to none. As far as the products, all you really have to say is 'look at the history.' That's what roofing is about. Using products that have a history and the durability that we need."


Fred Quinn
Founder, Quinn & Associates Architects (Midwest City, Oklahoma)

"Roofing is an aspect of construction that architects think we know something about, but it's actually a very specialized area. Particularly, with some of the improvements that have been made in the last few years, we have a hard time keeping up with all the aspects of the building. When we come across someone like a Garland representative, you feel pretty confident that you can rely on his information."


Kevin R. Bodily
Principal Architect, NBW Architects P.A. (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

"Every building has a roof. In Idaho, it's not unusual to have a 50 to 60-degree temperature swing during a 24-hour period. So, if we're going to have problems with some aspect of the building, it's very often the roof. It's an extremely critical part of the building and not a place where you can skimp on design or products or attention to detail and Garland provides that backup and expertise to help us as architects provide a solution to our clients."


Stephen Kennedy
Plant Administrator, Trumbull Public Schools (Trumbull, Connecticut)

"[My Garland rep's] daily progress reports were almost ridiculous in their amount of detail. Not everybody has that same attention to detail, and that says something."


Mark Czapp
Director of Support Services, Spring Grove Area School District (Spring Grove, Pennsylvania)

"Garland has a great product, but it was [my Garland rep's] dedication during and after the project that impressed the school district. Because we're using taxpayer dollars, we wanted to make sure we got a good roof that is going to hold up for 30 years, but at the same time is going to save us money. Garland is the first roofing company to have done that for us."


Rod Staton
Project Manager, Avista Corporation (Spokane, Washington)

"If I give [my Garland rep] a problem to solve, he responds with a design and all the details, usually the next day. Garland does all our roofs because they deliver the best products and services in the industry."


Scott Anderson
Executive Pastor, First Church of Nazarene of Pasadena (Pasadena, California)

"I had heard that Garland was the guru of water intrusion protection. So, when the roof came off and we were looking for somebody that could help us, they were the natural selection."


Gino Faiella
Director of Facilities, Newtown Public Schools (Newtown, Connecticut)

"Garland provided us with a quality roof restoration to help us get through these tough times. When better times are here, we'll be able to replace the roof."


Jim Huntington
President, AAA Roofing Company, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN)

"Garland is the Cadillac of the roofing industry. They're a very high quality product and they perform to that standard as well. If you want something top of the line, go with Garland. They do things right. If they do have a problem, which is very rare, they stand behind it and take care of it. I can't say that for everybody. They are a quality company."