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Get the Facts About Garland

Roofing projects are complex and can be difficult to understand, but that’s why Garland Company building envelope professionals are available to lend a hand. Our frequently asked questions can help guide you through the roofing process and any questions you may have.

What sort of warranty do you offer for your products and services?

We offer warranties for every Garland-approved roofing system, spanning anywhere from five years for a coatings materials warranty to 30 years for a gravel-surfaced modified bitumen system. The Garland warranty allows a Garland representative, on a regular basis, to inspect rooftop conditions and recommend appropriate maintenance, repair and/or restoration as your roof ages.

How long should my roof last?

A variety of factors influence roof system life, including the type of roof system, quality of materials, installation quality and frequency of preventive maintenance. We address all of those factors in our roofing projects, meaning Garland roof performance is typically much better than competing alternatives. Garland roofs are designed, engineered and manufactured to last 30 years, out-performing standard roofs.

How do I achieve the best return on investment for my roof?

Proactive preventive maintenance is of the utmost importance. By practicing preventive maintenance, your roof may exceed its warranted life. In addition to maintenance, having a roof installed the right way the first time around puts you ahead of the game. Quality materials and superior workmanship make a huge difference in the return on your roofing investment.

Why should I work with a full-service manufacturer?

A full-service manufacturer can provide you with everything you need for your roofing project, all in one stop. By partnering with a full-service manufacturer, you can get materials, design, maintenance and more without having to pay and manage other contractors or vendors.

What is the Garland business model based on?

Simply put, quality and integrity. From the ground up, our company is owned by our employees, so there is incentive to succeed and deliver the very best products and services at every level.

Why does a Garland roof cost more than other roofs?

Garland roofing materials do cost more initially than standard roofing solutions because they are a higher quality product designed to provide years of watertight protection. Garland materials typically last 10 years or longer than lower priced options because of the exceptional quality of our materials and our comprehensive support services.

To learn more about Garland roofing materials and services, please contact a representative today.

The Truth About Roofing Scams

Within the highly-competitive roofing industry, there have been accusations that Garland has engaged in roofing scams. These accusations from competitors are nothing more than an attempt to challenge our position in the marketplace and they could not be further from the truth. Our record and success is a testament to our ethical business practices and to the enduring quality of Garland roofing products and services. To learn more about Garland Company complaints you may have seen, click on a topic below:

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