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Garland Company Lawsuits & Investigations: What You Should Know

Companies involved in unethical business practices don't stay in business very long. Today's consumers are savvy and do not want to do business with a company lacking strong morals and ethics. The Garland Company is happy to be a company that has stood the test of time. We pride ourselves on being successful in business for over a century, thanks in large part to our stringent ethical policies.

In more than 100 years of operation, there has been only one legal judgment against us on an accusation of bid rigging, price fixing and other unlawful business practices. This 1997 Garland Company lawsuit exposed improper behavior of one rogue employee, who was summarily dismissed. His actions were in clear violation of not only the law, but our strict ethics policy. While we were unaware of the employee's activities at the time, we bore responsibility for his actions in court.

We know that our customers expect the best from us, so we expect the same from our people. Each year, all of our field representatives review and sign a statement that they are not involved in any illegal or unethical activities. It's just a small part of a zero tolerance policy that includes comprehensive training and vigilant standards of accountability.

This lawsuit revealed the improper behavior of one and only one employee, who was dismissed immediately. Currently, we have over 200 representatives in the field working hard to maintain the highest level of service and ethical standards. We believe their reputations should stand on their own and not suffer due to one bad representative's activities, which occurred more than 15 years ago.

Our representatives boast a record for knowledge, service and integrity that speaks for itself. From the ground up, we are owned by our employees, so there is additional incentive by everyone at every level to deliver the best products and services. There is no room for illegal or unethical behavior.

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