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Alleged Garland Roofing Scams: What You Should Know About Competitive Bidding in Public Projects

For over 100 years, the Garland Company has focused on building our business around quality products, services and people. Our representatives boast a record for knowledge, service and integrity that speaks for itself. From the ground up, we are owned by our employees, so there is additional incentive by everyone at every level to deliver the best products and services.

Every successful company has its critics and ours claim that Garland scams its roofing customers by engaging in deceitful practices. These claims could not be further from the truth. As part of our company policy of transparency, we would like to set the record straight as these claims about Garland roofing scams have no merit.

Garland Roofing Complaints: Over-Built and Over-Charged

Because of our commitment to offering clients the best product possible, Garland roofing materials may initially cost more than the average roofing solution. All of our roofs are designed to provide long-lasting protection, which has resulted in a high demand for our products from customers who need long-term performance the most: public schools and hospitals. Our customers understand the long-term value they get when they choose Garland and know that an investment in our systems and services will result in roofs that last on average 10 years longer than lower priced options. After choosing Garland materials, our customers can rest easy knowing we will be there to support them for the life of their buildings.

Our customers in the public sector not only have the right to choose the roofing system that best fits their needs, but an obligation to community members to choose the system that lasts long and performs well. It is no surprise that when given a choice, they frequently choose a Garland roofing system and we're happy to provide local hospitals and schools with exceptional products and services that last.

Garland Roofing Complaints: Performance Specifications and Spec Writing

Some Garland roofing complaints include accusations that our sales representatives write specifications that require the use of Garland products. We promote performance-based specifications because they ensure a level playing field for competitive bidding. Proprietary specifications are seldom permitted in the public market and are generally discouraged. Our seasoned sales representatives make recommendations based on their years of experience. When followed, these recommendations create long-term performance outcomes.

Garland Roofing Complaints: Cooperative Purchasing

Some Garland roofing complaints involve cooperative purchasing, claiming purchasing co-ops restrict competitive bidding and cost tax payers more. This is simply not the case. Public procurement administrators use cooperative purchasing vehicles to expedite project delivery, simplify contract administration and reduce associated costs. All cooperative purchasing contracts used to purchase Garland materials have been publicly bid on at a national or state basis in full compliance with existing federal and state laws. The popularity of this purchasing option suggests that the public entities who use cooperative purchasing agreements find them beneficial to the communities they serve.

If you still have questions about Garland roofing problems you may have read about, please contact Garland today.