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Garland Roof Warranty

Our shareholders and customers alike expect the highest quality products and services from us in addition to a high-quality warranty. Any claims that our warranties use "trick" requirements so that we don't have to honor them are baseless. We respond promptly to any problems or issues that arise with our products and services because our business model is based on meeting the long-term needs of each and every one of our customers.

We believe in and stand behind our products and services, fixing problems when they occur and expediting claims in a spirit of goodwill to ensure that every customer remains a customer. Every Garland warranty is on par with or better than competitive offerings. However, we believe that the best long-term warranty is not the piece of paper you get when your roof is completed, but the process leading up to project completion. From start to finish, you can expect exceptional products, service and materials from Garland. The very best warranty is one that is never needed because it is backed by a business model that ensures quality services, materials and installation. Our business model is the customer's best guarantee of long-term performance.

The Garland Company is the only manufacturer in the roofing industry that has a company shareholder diligently monitor each and every project. They work hard to ensure that our materials are installed as specified and all details are properly designed and implemented. A properly installed and maintained roof is the one that lasts the longest without issue.

Garland Roofing Warranties: Protecting You Long Term

Our warranties allow a Garland representative, on a regular basis, to inspect rooftop conditions and recommend appropriate maintenance, repair and/or restoration as the roof ages. Following these recommendations and preventive maintenance will only prolong the life and performance of our products and services.

Since our company is employee-owned, every member of The Garland Company, at every level, has extra incentive to install and maintain high quality products and services. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers' expectations, and that includes being pleased with their warranty. When you choose Garland materials, you know we will be there to support you for the life of your buildings.

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