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Make Best Value Purchasing Decisions With Garland’s CMAS Contract

This contract is structured to comply with California procurement codes, guidelines, and policies while providing for the highest level of contractual protection

CMAS contracts are established for information technology and non-information technology products and services that have been competitively assessed, negotiated, or bid primarily by the federal General Services Administration, but not exclusively.

Public Contract Code (PCC) Sections 10290 et. seq. and 12101.5 include approval for local government agencies to use CMAS for acquisition of products and services. PCC Sections 10298 and 10299 authorizes local government agencies and school districts to use CMAS and other Department of General Services agreements without competitive bidding. CMAS contracts include primarily the same products, services and prices as those included on the federal government’s multiple award schedule program.

For additional information regarding Garland’s California Multiple Award Schedule, please contact Steve Rojek at 800-321-9336 ext. 3613.