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Garlastic® KM Plus

Hot-applied, rubberized asphalt adhesive functions as the interply adhesive in a wide variety of multi-ply built-up roofing systems.

Garlastic KM Plus hot-applied, rubberized asphalt adhesive has a broad application temperature range that ensures excellent bonding and durable seams. The elasticity provided by the integration of SEBS rubber elastomers allows the system to respond more positively to roof stresses, while also providing waterproofing and resistance to punctures, abrasions and UV radiation.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

Garlastic KM Plus
Flash Point 500°F (260°C) min.
Elongation @ 77°F 750% min.
Flexibility (2 mm thick, 180° bend, 1 sec) 0°F (-18°C)
Coverage: Interply 25 lbs./100 sq. ft. ± 25% (1.3 kg/m2 ± 25%)
Coverage: Flood coat with gravel 60 lbs./100 sq. ft. ± 25% (3.1 kg/m2 ± 25%)


55 lbs. (24.9 kg) keg

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