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photo of hot-applied adhesive

Our full range of SBS blended asphalts offer exceptionally high softening points and a high penetration index to ensure greater flexibility

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photo of Black-Knight LV/Black-Stallion LV

Black-Knight®/Black-Stallion® LV

Hot-applied, polymer-modified coal tar adhesive with a low viscosity used as the interply or flood coat in built-up roof systems.
Black-Knight LV/Black-Stallion LV

photo of Garlastic KM Plus

Garlastic® KM Plus

Hot-applied, rubberized asphalt adhesive functions as the interply adhesive in a wide variety of multi-ply built-up roofing systems.
Garlastic KM Plus

photo of HPR All-Temp Asphalt

HPR® All-Temp Asphalt

High-grade waterproofing bitumen designed for use as the bonding and waterproofing bitumen for Garland's HPR systems.
HPR All-Temp Asphalt