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photo of mastics being applied

Our trowel-grade adhesives are designed for installing flashings, sealing seams, and repairing blisters. A full line of formulations are available to suit your buildings' needs.

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photo of Black-Knight Mastic/Black-Stallion Mastic

Black-Knight® Mastic/Black-Stallion® Mastic

Quick-drying, polymer-modified coal tar mastic used to make repairs on coal tar roofing systems as well as to install flashings in a Millennium system.
Black-Knight Mastic/Black-Stallion Mastic

photo of CPR Seam Sealers BG and TG

CPR Seam Sealers BG and TG

Synthetic liquid rubber, brush grade or trowel grade mastic that is designed for application to metal roofs, walls and problem areas such as gutters, expansion joints, etc.
CPR Seam Sealers BG and TG

photo of Flashing Bond /Flashing Bond WG

Flashing Bond®

Cold-applied, asphalt-based mastic used for patching and leak repair on asphalt roofing systems.
Flashing Bond

photo of Garla-Flex


Elastomeric, asphaltic mastic formulated from a special weather and ozone-resistant thermoplastic rubber to seal roof joints and other construction.

photo of Green-Lock Flashing Adhesive

Green-Lock® Flashing Adhesive

Cold-applied, zero VOC flashing adhesive bonds the flashing system together, and holds it securely to the wall and flashing as well as the underlying roof system.
Green-Lock Flashing Adhesive

photo of Silver-Flash


Cold-applied, asphalt-based aluminum mastic used on vertical and horizontal surfaces for asphalt roof systems.

photo of Tuff-Flash


Low odor, liquid-flashing membrane forms a watertight flashing on tough roofing details on SBS, APP, and smooth or mineral-surfaced asphalt roofs as well as many types of metal.

photo of Weatherking Flashing Adhesive

Weatherking® Flashing Adhesive

Cold-process, modified flashing adhesive used to adhere flashings in conjunction with cold-applied Weatherking® systems.
Weatherking Flashing Adhesive