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photo of Black-Knight Primer /Black-Stallion Primer

Black-Knight® Primer

Quick-drying, coal tar roof primer provides maximum surface adhesion to metal, concrete, masonry, and existing coal tar-based roof systems.

* This product is sold as Black-Stallion® Primer in Canada

This quick-drying, coal tar roof primer conserves finishing material by conditioning the surface and eliminating the tendency of the finishing material to absorb into the dried out, existing surface. Its unique formulation ensures a long-lasting flexible bond between the existing roof surface and the finishing material.

Please refer to the product information, Material Safety Data Sheet, and labeling for the potential risks and benefits. Exposure to this product may cause skin and respiratory tract irritation; prolonged skin exposure may result in skin cancer; inhalation of vapors may cause central nervous system effects and long-term exposure has been associated with kidney, bladder, scrotum, and lung cancer.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

  Black-Knight® Primer
VOC Status <350 g/l
Flash Point 105°F (40.5°C)
Non-Volatile 65-70%
Coverage 1/2 to 1 gal/100 sq. ft. (0.20 to 0.41 l/m2)


5 gallon (18.9 l) pail
55 gallon (208.2 l) drum

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