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photo of roof with primer

Improve the adhesion between the existing roof substrate and topcoat with our wide range of primers.

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photo of All-Knight Primer/All-Stallion Primer

All-Knight® Primer/All-Stallion® Primer

Bleed-blocking, copolymer primer prevents staining and degradation of asphalt, coal tar modified bitumen or smooth asphalt built-up roofing membranes.
All-Knight Primer/All-Stallion Primer

photo of Black-Knight Primer /Black-Stallion Primer

Black-Knight® Primer /Black-Stallion® Primer

Quick-drying, coal tar roof primer provides maximum surface adhesion to metal, concrete, masonry, and existing coal tar-based roof systems.
Black-Knight Primer /Black-Stallion Primer

photo of Garla-Prime


Quick-drying, asphalt-based roof primer saturates existing felts to form a tough, elastic bonding surface for coatings.

photo of Garla-Prime WB

Garla-Prime® VOC

Quick-drying, solvent-based roof primer acts as a bonding agent for surfaces that can be difficult to adhere to such as metal, concrete, built-up roofing, and modified bitumen.
Garla-Prime VOC

photo of Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer

Insul-Lock® HR Universal Primer

Water-based, VOC-compliant primer designed for use with Insul-Lock HR over mineral surfaced, gravel surfaced, and smooth built-up roofs.
Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer

photo of Rust-Go Primer

Rust-Go® Primer

Quick-drying, rust inhibitive primer specifically designed as a base primer for Rust-Go topcoats.
Rust-Go Primer

photo of SA Primer

SA Primer

SA Primer is designed to improve the adhesion of self-adhered membranes.
SA Primer

photo of White Knight/Stallion Metal Primer

White-Knight®/White-Stallion® Metal Primer

For use where rust inhibiting and chemical corrosion resistance are required on metal systems.
White-Knight/White-Stallion Metal Primer