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Solvent-based restoration treatment designed to restore the pliability to existing asphalt built-up roofs.

Gravitop solvent-based restoration treatment forms a thick blanket of protection over the existing roof mat that resists UV radiation, oxidation, and the elements. Its blend of high-penetrating oils and selected additives softens aged bitumen and revitalizes its weatherproofing performance.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

VOC Status 250 g/l
Flash Point 100°F (37.7°C) min.
Non-Volatile 70% min.
Coverage: Maintenance 6 to 8 gal./100 sq. ft. (2.4 to 3.2 l/m2)
Coverage: New Roof 6 gal./100 sq. ft. (2.4 l/m2)


5 gallon (18.9 l) pail
55 gallon (208.2 l) drum

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