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Heavy-bodied, fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane designed to restore smooth built-up or mineral modified bitumen roofs.

This easy to apply, cost-effective restoration coating seals and preserves properly prepared roof surfaces to provide an additional 10 years of waterproofing protection. The cold-process, low odor formulation allows projects to proceed without disruption to the building's operations and occupants.

Product Advantages


Existing Roof Surface Final Surface Gallons per 100 ft.2
w/Polyester Firm
Liters per m2
w/Polyester Firm
Smooth Coated 3.0/Poly/3.0 1.2/Poly/1.2
Mineral Coated 3.5/Poly/3.0 1.4/Polly/1.2
Smooth Mineral 3.0/Poly/3.5 1.2/Poly/1.4
Mineral Mineral 3.5/Poly/3.5 1.4/Polly/1.4


5 gallon (19 l) pail
55 gallon (208 l) drum

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