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Fiber reinforced, fire rated, cold-applied asphalt flood coat designed to restore existing asphalt roof systems or provide a premium flood coat for new roof systems.

When used in place of standard hot-mopped asphalt, WeatherScreen fiber reinforced, cold-applied asphalt flood coat will enhance the weathering capabilities of the roofing system. This heavy-bodied flood coat extends the life of the roof and saves future roofing dollars by allowing for the possibility of retrofitting.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

VOC Status < 300 g/l
Flash Point 105°F (41°C)
Non-Volatile Typical 75%
Coverage: New Flood Coat 4- 5 gal./100 sq. ft. (1.63-2.04 l/m2)
Coverage: Restoration 6 - 8 gal./100 sq. ft. (2.45-3.26 l/m2)


5 gallon (18.9 l) pail
55 gallon (208.2 l) drum

Approvals that apply to this product

FM Approved logo UL Classified logo Miami-Dade County approved logo Intertek Warnock Hersey logo


Currently no certifications

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