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photo of metal roof accessories

Our wide range of metal roof accessories are integral to enhancing the performance of your metal roofing solutions.

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photo of R-Mer Soffit

R-Mer ® Soffit

This architectural system can be used to help reduce negative uplift pressures experienced by roofs due to open overhangs.
R-Mer Soffit

photo of R-Mer SS Sheet Stock

R-Mer ® SS Sheet Stock

High gloss, factory painted, metal or aluminum component designed for use as a material to be fabricated for multiple accessory uses.
R-Mer SS Sheet Stock

photo of S-5! Snow Retention System

S-5! Snow Retention System

This system meets the severe requirements of the harshest snow loading and reduces the aesthetic impact of other snow retention devices.
S-5! Snow Retention System

photo of Snow Guard

Snow Guard

These heavy duty, aluminum accessories provide maximum protection against the dangerous movement of frozen precipitation on a sloped roof.
Snow Guard

photo of Vented Hat Channel

Vented Hat Channel

Designed to provide secure attachment of the cladding systems while providing the critical ventilation/drainage cavity.

Vented Hat Channel