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photo of R-Mer SS Flatstock

R-Mer ® SS Flat Stock

High gloss, factory painted, metal or aluminum component designed for use as a material to be fabricated for multiple accessory uses.

These high gloss, factory painted, metal or aluminum sheets create an economical, moisture-resistant treatment for any building. The flat stock can be fabricated for unlimited uses.

R-Mer Last 3-Coat Paint System with a clear Fluroclear coating is available in 22 ga. Galvanized steel in select color options; Regal White, Cadet Gray, Dark Bronze, Sandstone, Portland Stone and Mocha.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

  R-Mer SS Flat Stock
Gauge(s) 20, 22 and 24 gauge; .032, .040, .050 aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and zinc
Pencil Hardness SMP: F-H
Fluorocarbon*: HB-H
Plastisol*: N/A
Bend SMP: 2-T
Fluorocarbon*: :0-T
Plastisol*: 0-T

*Subject to minimum quantity requirements


Crated bundles
4' x 10'(standard) flat sheets

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Currently no approvals



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