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R-Mer® Shield

Structural standing seam roof system provides unrivaled wind uplift performance.

R-Mer® Shield is Garland's newest generation of patented, industry-leading, high-performance, structural standing seam roof systems. It boasts a 2-1/16-inch high vertical seam with an extruded aluminum clip and top rail system that provides unrivaled wind uplift performance. R-Mer Shield also provides unlimited thermal expansion and contraction, isolation of the seam sealant from the clip, symmetric panel design, and includes mesas and pencil lines to help reduce oil canning.

Product Advantages

  • Heavy-duty one-piece clip design accommodates unlimited thermal movement
  • Symmetrically designed panel/cap configuration contains four layers of steel
  • Factory applied hot melt sealant is completely isolated from clip
  • Spanning capability over open purlins on slopes down to ¼:12
  • ½-inch clearance between panel and substrate helps ventilation and reduces possibility of condensation
  • Ideal for retrofits over existing single plies, BUR's, modified bitumen or other metal roofs
  • Continuous top rail option can be used for enhanced wind uplift resistance.

Technical Data

  R-Mer Shield
Gauge(s) 20, 22 and 24 gauge G-90 Galvanized and Stainless steel; .032", .040", and .050" aluminum; .7 mm, .8 mm and 1.0 mm zinc; 16 oz. and 20 oz. copper
Width of Panel 12.75", 16.75" 18.75" or 24.75" nominal width
Test Classifications ASTM E 1592
ASTM E 1680
ASTM E 1646

NOTE: 0.032" aluminum and the 24 gauge steel is not available in the 25" width.


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