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Architectural Wall Panels

Architectural wall panel solutions manufactured by IMETCO (Innovative Metals Company, Inc.), a subsidiary of Garland Industries, Inc.

Garland now offers architectural wall panel solutions through its sister company, IMETCO (Innovative Metals Company, Inc.), a subsidiary of Garland Industries, Inc. For more than a century, Garland's core business has focused on roofing, a commitment that has led to the development of some of the industry's strongest and longest lasting roof systems. While Garland specializes in the development of high-performance roof systems, IMETCO has a longstanding reputation in the industry for designing and engineering complex architectural wall systems that improve aesthetics while also providing superior waterproofing protection. IMETCO offers a full range of wall panel profiles, materials, colors and finishes.

IMETCO wall panels that can be purchased through your local Garland representative:

Latitude architectural wall panels are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications and feature a wide variety of profile configurations. Heavy-duty concealed clips and fasteners allow unlimited thermal movement during even the harshest weather.



R-Panel brings a dramatic profile to a through-fastened wall panel application. This architectural panel is easy to install and ideal for masonry wall retrofit projects.


CorPan through-fastened installation makes for a strong, durable installation. The 34 2/3-inch panels are available in any of our standard colors.


7.2 Rib Panel is ideal for masonry wall retrofit projects and its through-fastened application allows for easy installation.


FW concealed-fastener wall panel system is ideal for wall retrofit projects or soffit panel applications. Fasteners are concealed to provide a clean appearance.


Element a durable architectural wall panel system is a horizontally applied metal panel, providing design professionals with aesthetic versatility. This easy to install metal panel system is ideal for architectural wall and rainscreen applications.


Legacy is a stunning shingle-style wall panel system that provides an aesthetically please solution for numerous wall panel applications, particularly where unique or complicated building shapes are used.


For more information, please contact your local Garland representative.

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