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photo of US Mint project


Garland understands the challenges government entities face when it comes to building maintenance and repair. We offer numerous solutions that encompass the entire building envelope, providing long-term watertight protection that can be tailored to meet your specific budgetary and performance objectives.

photo of Travis County Jail project

Playland Ice Casino

Ice casino roof replacement at historical Playland Amusement Park after Superstorm Sandy.
Metal Project (PDF)

photo of Travis County Jail project

Travis County Jail

High security jail locks in long-term solution.
Modified/Coating (PDF)

photo of Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority project

Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority

Metal panels provide maintenance complex with strength, durability and sustainability.
Metal Project (PDF)

photo of Fort Devens Army Base project

Fort Devens Army Base

Turnkey solution simplifies rooftop renovation for army base.
Metal Project (PDF)

photo of Franklin County Engineer’s Office project

Franklin County Engineer’s Office

Acrylic wall coating provides water resistance, improves aesthetics.
Coating Project (PDF)

photo of Ocean City Community Center project

Ocean City Community Center

Metal roof improves building aesthetics and functionality.
Metal/Modified Project (PDF)

photo of Peterson Air Force Base project

Peterson Air Force Base

Watertight design provides protection for military aircrafts.
Metal/Modified Project (PDF)

photo of Region of Peel West Brampton Reservoir and Pumping Station project

Region of Peel West Brampton Reservoir and Pumping Station

Metal roof provides long-term solution for water storage facility and pumping station.
Metal/Modified Project (PDF)

photo of Iredell County Government Center project

Iredell County Government Center

Elastomeric coating breathes new life into county building.
Coating Project (PDF)