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photo of US Communities project




U.S. Communities

When project deadlines are tight and budget is a concern, consider procuring your project through the contract Garland/DBS, Inc. holds with the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance™ (U.S. Communities™). Purchasing cooperatives, such as U.S. Communities, allow public agencies to pool their purchasing power through nationally solicited contracts, eliminating the time and costs associated with project-specific bids.

photo of Miami Police Dept project

Miami Beach Police Department

Garland’s plaza deck system seals, waterproofs police station.
Plaza Deck Project (PDF)

photo of Clayton County project

Clayton County

County expedites project delivery to ensure compliance with grant funding.
Modified/Coating Project (PDF)

photo of Dunnellon High School project

Dunnellon High School

District saves insulation costs through expedited project delivery.
Modified/Coating Project (PDF)

photo of Florence City-County Complex project

Florence City-County Complex

Expedited project delivery protects county offices from additional water damage.
Modified/Coating Project (PDF)


Kent County School District

High-performance roofing solution designed to provide 30 years of watertight protection.
Modified with Flood and Gravel (PDF)

photo of Fremont Elementary School project

Nash Recreation Center

Recreation center replaces roof, improves energy efficiency.
Modified Project (PDF)

photo of Fremont Elementary School project

Fremont Elementary School

District expedites project delivery through cooperative purchasing agreement.
Modified/Coating Project (PDF)

photo of Middle Gate Elementary project

Middle Gate Elementary

Restoration extends service life of school’s EPDM roof.
Restoration Project (PDF)

photo of Trumbull Public Schools project

Trumbull Public Schools

Expedited project delivery helps district meet tight time frame.
Modified Project (PDF)