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Our polyester and fiberglass reinforcements provide increased strength performance characteristics for a variety of roofing applications.

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photo of GarMesh


Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber-coated fiberglass scrim used as a reinforcement to repair roofing blisters, fractures, punctures and other defects.

photo of Grip Polyester Firm/Soft

Grip Polyester® Firm/Soft

Reinforcement fabric used as the reinforcement layer in a cold-applied restoration system.
Grip Polyester Firm/Soft

photo of HPR Polyscrim Plus

HPR® Polyscrim Plus

Continuous filament, polyester felt functions as the interply reinforcing fabric of a multi-ply roof system.
HPR Polyscrim Plus

photo of Ulti-Mat


Fiberglass reinforcing fabric used in conjunction with White-Knight®/White-Stallion® to fully reinforce modified and BUR systems and to reinforce seams in single-ply and metal restoration systems.