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Clear-Shield Rx

Clear-Shield Rx is a clear, acrylic, non-toxic solution designed to provide at least 12 months of antimicrobial protection. By neutralizing and inhibiting the future growth of harmful organisms, this environmentally friendly solution can extend the service life of your roof.

Clear-Shield Rx contains an EPA-registered biocide designed for coatings applications to protect against fungal and mildew growth on the film surface.

When applied to roof surfaces, Clear-Shield Rx provides a transparent and durable antimicrobial film that will prevent rooftop contaminants from entering air intakes, resulting in improved indoor air quality. Clear-Shield Rx can be applied to various roof systems, including single plies, gravel surfaced modified bitumen and smooth surfaced modified bitumen. Once applied, the bonded antimicrobial film is non-leaching, nonvolatile, odorless and colorless, and produces no chemical vapors. It is safe for use around people, animals and plants and can be easily applied with rollers or a pump spray.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

 Clear-Shield Rx™
VOC status < 20 g/l
pH 7.5 – 8.5
Net Coverage (2 coats required) Smooth: 300 sq. ft./gal (7.43 m2/l)
Graveled: 200 sq. ft./gal (4.95 m2/l)


5 gallon (18.9 l) pail

Approvals that apply to this product

Currrently no approvals


Currently no certifications


"Patent Pending" US 2014/0099512 A1

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