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Emergency, liquid waterproofing repair material used to repair roof leaks during wet weather

Wet-Cote is an emergency waterproofing repair material designed for use during wet weather. Its ideal in situations where the leak source cannot be readily identified. This unique, fibered compound protects the building and its contents from water damage while preserving and protecting the existing roof membrane. It reduces the need for costly service calls because in-plant personnel can professionally apply the repair.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

VOC status 285 g/l
Non-volatile 62 min.
Net Coverage (2 coats required) Smooth: 3-5 gal/100 sq. ft. (1.2 - 2.0 l/m2)
Graveled: 6-8 gal/100 sq. ft. (2.4 - 3.3 l/m2)


5 gallon (18.9 l) pail
55 gallon (208.2 l) drum

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