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Green-Lock® Sealant XL

Zero VOC, polyether super adhesive sealant designed for difficult interior or exterior joints and cracks throughout the building envelope

This high-performance adhesive sealant bonds tenaciously to Kynar coated metals, both vertical masonry and metal expansion joints, asphalt modified bitumen sheets, concrete, metal, glass, PVC and EPDM membranes. When cured, it produces 800 percent elongation to accommodate the most severe amounts of building movement. XL experiences no slump, stays on the surface it's adhered to, and can even be used for overhead applications.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

Green-Lock® Sealant XL
VOC status 0 g/l
Strength 140+ psi
Net Coverage 16 lin. ft. (4.86 m)


20 oz. (600 ml) cartridge
12 cartridges per case

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Currrently no approvals


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CODE HINT: uppercase "E", number four, number seven