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photo of Green Lock Structural Adhesive

Green-Lock® Structural Adhesive

Single-component, zero VOC, polyether adhesive designed for difficult bonding and sealing applications throughout the building envelope

This 100 percent solids adhesive bonds tenaciously to a variety of roofing systems and many common building materials. When cured, it produces 300 percent elongation to accommodate the most severe amounts of building movement. It's inherently strong and capable of bonding metal, masonry, wood, ceramics, Styrofoam, and glass.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

Green-Lock® Structural Adhesive
VOC status 0 g/l
Strength 300+ psi
Tack free 35 minutes
Net Coverage 26 lin. ft. (7.92 m)


10.1 oz. (300 ml) cartridge
24 cartridges per case

Approvals that apply to this product

Currrently no approvals


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