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photo of GreenShield Root Reinforcement 210

GreenShield® Root Reinforcement 210

Three-dimensional, heavy nylon root stabilizer mat provides a unified substrate for roots to tie into.

This heavy nylon root stabilizer strengthens a green roof system by providing a unified substrate for the roots to tie into. Its geometric structure creates a web to entertain the growth of the plant's roots while also providing oxygen and ventilation to the roots. It conforms to irregular surfaces and increases the system's wind uplift capabilities.

Product Advantages

Technical Data

GreenShield Root Reinforcement 210
Thickness 0.30" (7.62 mm)
Weight 0.05 lbs./sq. ft. (271 g/m2)
Width 39" (99.06 cm)
Length 200' (60.96 m)
Roll Diameter 28" (71.12 cm)
Coverage 650 sq. ft. (60.20 m2)


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