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Eastport-South Manor Junior-Senior High School
Energy Efficiency

A Successful Restoration Project - While School Was In Session

Eastport-South Manor Junior-Senior High School goes by the abbreviation “ESM” – which the school also uses for its motto “Every Student Matters”. So when they were considering a roof restoration for the 32,000 square-foot building during the school year, the school’s facility team was adamant that the project could not disrupt the learning of a single student.

OUSD Matilija Gym Metal Panels
Design Excellence

California Gymnasium Decides to "Just Roll with It"

Sometimes in roofi ng, you just have to roll with it. In Garland representative Jason Moronnolte’s case, field roll-forming steel panels on site was the perfect solution to conquer the tight barrel curved roof on the Matilija Junior High School Gymnasium.

Ojai’s Bond Project Managers Adam Dutter and Alan White were dissatisfi ed with the state of Matilija’s gymnasium roof. Leaks in the existing shingle roof were not a new occurrence; Dutter, an alumnus of the middle school, recalled water cascading down the gymnasium walls back when he was a student.

Luckily, Ojai already had a relationship with Moronnolte, who has completed around 50 projects with the school district, 20 of which were completed with Dutter and White. This close relationship between all parties allowed Moronnolte to truly understand the school’s needs and suggest a new roof to ensure leakage would be a plague of the past.

Before, during and after photos of the Philo Junior High school. Rep: Wes Van Autreve
Total Cost of Ownership

Rural Ohio School Makes a 40-year Commitment to a New Roof

Bob Walden, assistant superintendent at Franklin Local School District, knows how frustrating it is for teachers and school staff when water is dripping down from ceiling tiles due to a roof leak. It’s aggravating for the teachers and distracting to their students. That’s why Walden has taken a proactive approach when it comes to building maintenance and upkeep of the district’s five buildings.


Walden works with his local Garland representative, Wes Van Autreve, who regularly evaluates roofs and then recommends solutions and plans of action. “If we think there is a problem, most of the time we have the money to get the roofs fixed,” Walden said. “We try to stay ahead of it on everything, roofs in particular.” There are two separate roof sections on Philo Junior High School, and both of them were leaking and had ponding water. During a thorough inspection, it was determined the roofs were beyond repair and needed to be replaced.



Professional Drone photos of Pemberton Elementary School RMer Coping and StressPly E Mineral

Extensive Experience

Nobody understands the unique demands placed on a school facility manager more than Garland. Need to execute a project during summer break? We're ready. Need to restore a roof during the school year without disrupting learning? We can do that too. Our highly-trained, locally based territory managers have more than a vested interest in your roofing project. They have a vested interest in your community.

Drone install photos of the Mary Raber Elementary School in Columbia City, Indiana. Sept 2023 StressPly Legacy

Sustainable solutions

Whether it's UV-reflective roof coatings proven to lower the temperature both inside the building and at street level, restoration systems that reduce landfill waste, membranes that include 8 tires' worth of recycled crumb rubber in a single batch, or smog-reducing granules that actually clean the air of harmful particulates, we're constantly pushing to see what's possible for your school and our planet.

Our sustainable innovation never comes at the expense of watertight performance, though, because "There's nothing greener than a roof that lasts.™"

East Lyme Project Highlight 6

watertight performance

Over the past several years, we've all learned the value of a safe, healthy school building for in-person instruction. Leaky roofs run directly counter to that goal. Water intrusion is far more than a mere nuisance, as it can lead to accumulation of harmful mold and microbes in the building's roof assembly that can be circulated through the school's ventilation systems. With Garland, you get a leak-free environment you - and the families your serve - can trust.

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RMer Span Curve Panels are being installed onto the North County Regional Library