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StressPly® EUV/EUV FR Mineral

  • Superior Strength & Weatherability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Factory Applied Sunburst Minerals

StressPly EUV membranes feature selected reinforcements and a unique rubber-modified asphalt incorporating post-consumer recycled crumb rubber. The result is a highly reflective, high strength, puncture, and fatigue resistant, rubber-modified membrane designed for use as the top component in a roofing system where fire retardancy is required. StressPly EUV provides long-term performance in all types of new or retrofit construction. The StressPly EUV Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene and Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene (SBS+SIS) rubber-modified membranes utilize KEVLAR® fibers and a dual polyester and fiberglass combination reinforcement that offers the inherent strength and heat stability of fiberglass, along with the ability of polyester to conform. StressPly EUV can also be used with other HPR® products and conventional glass base sheets or fiberglass roofing felts. In addition, StressPly EUV membranes can be used as the top ply in a two-ply flashing system. It can also repair splits, cracks, and other deteriorated areas in existing asphalt-based roofing systems. Specifications are available for either hot- or cold-applied systems.

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Superior Strength & Weatherability

The StressPly EUV membranes are reinforced with one layer of fiberglass and polyester. The superior strength provided by the KEVLAR fibers and the dual fiberglass and polyester combination scrim resists the movement created by today’s modern buildings. The SBS rubber provides superior low-temperature flexibility and long-term weathering characteristics. The SEBS rubber dramatically increases the overall life expectancy of the modified membrane. When SBS and SEBS are combined, a superior weathering roof membrane results. In addition, StressPly EUV membranes provide tensile strength in excess of 700 pounds per inch in the machine and cross-machine direction. This translates into long-term resistance to splits and tears in the completed StressPly EUV membrane system.

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Environmentally Friendly

StressPly EUV membranes utilize post-consumer scrap from tires in the roofing compound. In addition, StressPly EUV utilizes recycled boiler slag as the surfacing. At the same time, the white SunburstTM mineral on StressPly EUV FR Mineral is more than twice as reflective as standard roofing materials. With absolutely no sacrifice in quality, StressPly EUV membranes maintain Garland’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance roofing systems while benefiting the environment.

2Ply Stressplay EUV w GreenLock Flashing on the Cleveland Clinic roof

Factory Applied Sunburst Minerals

The StressPly EUV FR Mineral incorporates the unique reflective mineral, Sunburst, which provides long-term protection and added energy savings. The superior reflectivity of this mineral protects the membrane from UV damage and decreases under roof temperatures. Sunburst mineral membranes exceed the minimum requirement for LEED SS 7.2 Heat Island Effect (Roof) with initial reflectivity of 40 - 50% and an SRI of 89, as tested by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

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