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Vegetative System Options

After a detailed roof assessment and structural evaluation, there are a number of options to choose from.


This extensive system is lightweight, requires minimum maintenance, and offers an ecological protection layer instead of gravel covering.


Wildflowers are a component in a semi-intensive system featuring a high drainage capacity and aesthetically-pleasing choice and flexibility of an array of flower varieties. 


This system has the hybrid benefits of roof pavers and vegetation in a single system. Sedum carpet, rockery-type plants, or heather with lavender can be applied. Stormwater builds to a predetermined depth and drains at a set maximum rate.

The green roof in the top of building

Temperature Regulation

Green roof systems help to keep buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing energy costs. 

May 2017 - Guangzhou, China. View of an urban garden in Panyu district.

Improved Air Quality

Vegetation absorbs pollutants and releases oxygen, improving the quality of air. 

When it rains in the green forest, rainwater touches the forest components, like the tree canopy, branches, and vegetation. The canopy shields the forest floor, lessening the impact of falling raindro

Stormwater Retention

Green and Blue systems absorb water, alleviating the pressure on local rainwater drainage systems. 

3d rendering. garden in a big city. living concept.

Waterproofing Protection

Green roofs protect the waterproofing system from harmful UV rays and temperature fluctuations which can reduce the lifespan of the roof. 

May 2017 - Guangzhou, China. View of an urban garden in Panyu district.

Provide Natural Habitats

Reduce the impact of development by encouraging wildlife and nature to thrive in urban envireonments. 

City Center DC roof top garden

Stimulating Aesthetics

Green roofs create a visually appealing environment for building occupants and the neighbouring buildings. 

NYU F.U.N. Roof Project Highlight

Garland has been supporting the New York University hospital system for over a decade with a variety of roofing applications. One of the buildings where we hadn’t yet re-roofed was aging and beginning to experience leaks. At the same time, the roof provided an opportunity for a vegetative system, as patients from surrounding hospital buildings would have a much-enhanced view looking down on a lush green roof versus the previous traditional system.  Garland rep Keith DeVito worked on developing a system that would deliver a watertight environment - and the sustainable and aesthetic benefits of a green roof.