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RAMP-based support services

We can help you confidently andf reliably take roof asset management to the next level. Garland's roofing management support services include:

Maintenance Recommendations

Including construction details, photographic documentation, architectural drawings, visual observation notes, core sample documentation, and lab analysis reports, as needed, to help you prevent avoidable leaks and resulting water damage.

Replacement Options

Including a comparative analysis of Garland modified bitumen, metal, and sustainable high-performance roofing solutions based on application-specific concerns and requirements.

Work History Reports

Document every repair, renovation, and replacement, helping you track and analyze maintenance costs.

Annual Budget Summaries

Prioritize roofing requirements, enabling you to increase facility uptime through proactive preventive maintenance.

Warranty Tracking

Help you hold your suppliers accountable, eliminating problems resulting from neglected maintenance or misplaced documentation.

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Starting with site inspection data collected by your local Garland representative, RAMP® roof management software analyzes information and presents reports based on your specific needs, expectations and budget. Choose what works for you and receive reports however you prefer – hard copy for meeting presentations or online for real-time sharing with employees or associates in multiple locations. 

RAMP: The Engine of Our Full-Service Approach

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Further Research

For Garland's Territory Managers, RAMP is a key asset in Observation/Interpretation/Application (OIA) model planning, which is a proven technique to provide solutions to problems encountered during roof system evaluations. 


Click here to download an overview of OIA modeling from Garland Technical Services Manager Tom Retych that can help in your own decision-making processes.

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