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Selden Fire District 2-Ply torch job
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Selden Fire Dept Thinks Long-Term With Roof Replacement

We've all heard it - or said it ourselves - so often it's become a cliche. At the end of a hectic day jumping between tasks, we may find ourselves wearily summing up our efforts by saying, "I've been putting out fires all day." Imagine, then, how actual firefighters feel when given the chance to think big-picture and long-term. 

For the team at Selden (NY) Fire Department, the opportunity to keep their fire station watertight and comfortable for decades to come meant making a commitment to a complete roof replacement. Jay Egan and Tom McGregor were the leaders of the project for the Selden Fire District. Said Egan, "When it comes down to it, we're in the business of preserving buildings, and certainly the lives within them. Our fire station houses more than our equipment, it's also a home for our firefighters while they are on shift. So it was important for us in keeping with our mission to make a decision that would stand the test of time." 


Fire department in Huntington torch down job

Huntington FD

Fire stations are unique environments for roofing. They house high-value technology and equipment that must be kept in good condition. They’re also essentially living quarters with firefighters at the ready when called. These 24/7 operations can’t afford downtime for construction projects. Given the value of the equipment and employees inside, they also can’t abide a leaky roof. So when an aging and leaky roof got past the point of patches and repairs, Huntington FD called Tim Roth, Long Island Territory Manager for The Garland Company, and local roofing contractor More Consulting.

Thermoscan(thermal image camera), Industrial equipment used for checking the internal temperature of the machine for preventive maintenance, This is checking The Transformer.

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Our Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) creates transparency around the entire project. You'll see a detailed analysis of your current roof, breaking down areas in need of repair, restoration, or full replacement, including thermal and infrared scans as needed.

And our highly-trained, locally-based Territory Manager will be with you throughout the entire project, providing project photos and working with an approved Garland contractor to ensure proper installation.

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With tight resources and limited timelines, it can be daunting to consider a major construction project. Let us partner with you and see how our full-service approach can benefit every step of your project. Garland is a supplier to a number of group purchasing organizations like OMNIA Partners, meaning you can accelerate your bid process with assurance of pre-negotiated pricing. We also can provide turnkey project management providing one-stop accountability for your project.

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