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Structural Evaluations

Get a detailed look at your facility from our team.

Forensic Engineering Studies

We can investigate your building envelope to gain understanding. 

Graphic Renderings

Detailed drawings of metal roof and engineered wall systems. 

Architect- & Engineer-Signed and Sealed Designs

Signed and sealed shop drawings for roof and wall systems, and engineer-signed and sealed roof and wall design calculations including wind uplift, drainage, and snow retention calculations.

Metal Retrofit Design

Providing solutions to tranform an existing roof system with a metal retrofit framing system.

Project Inspection & Evaluations

We can help support a facility with roof system and building envelope inspections and evaluations, helping to determine root causes of issues, provide a solution or assist in developing a preventative maintenance plans to provide longevity to an existing roof.

Garland RMer Span over the Bangor Housing Childcare Development Center in Bangor, Maine

EagleView - Aerial Roof Measurements

EagleView Technologies provides quick, easy, accurate aerial roof measurements. Through this service, Garland representatives can provide you with aerial images of your structure – and use that information during a roof inspection to identify areas of concern.


- Increases measurement accuracy

- Prepare estimates ahead of time or on-site

- Reduces calculation errors and material overages

- Helps plan for future budget needs

- Increases work volume capacity and flexibility

- Reduces costs and risks of time, transportation, and personal or property injury

- Increases credibility with standardized and accepted reports for bids, sales, and claims

- Third-party roof party collection

Infrared Scans

Infrared Scans

Garland’s Thermascan lets you “see” beneath the roof membrane, revealing small leaks and wet insulation before they become big problems. Once you know where the leaks are and how far the moisture has spread, you can determine whether repair, restoration or replacement is the right decision. These infrared scans are noninvasive and non-destructive.  Find the moisture before it finds you. 

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