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Civic Center Sees The Bigger Picture, Optimizes Total Cost of Ownership with New Roof

Statesville, North Carolina is a vibrant community centrally located between the major cities of Charlotte to the south and Winston-Salem to the northeast. Statesville's 30,000 ft2 Civic Center balances its roles as a historic central meeting place for residents, with the modern needs of business meetings and conventions drawing corporations from one of the country's fastest-growing regions. 

So when Civic Center Director Kenny Roberts noticed early signs of water intrusion coming from the building's ballasted EPDM roof, he didn't wait for the problem to worsen, and quickly called Garland representative Casey Brandemuehl for an assessment of the situation.

BEFORE photos of the New Hope Arena installation of RMer Span
Energy Efficiency

Ice Arena Improvements Include High-Performance Metal Roof System

Like many community ice arenas across the country, the New Hope Ice Arena in New Hope, Minnesota, needed some major renovations. The facility, built in the 1970’s during a nationwide boom in the construction of community ice arenas, still had its original ice rink. In addition to installing a new rink, the city also wanted to improve the efficiency of the building by replacing its current Freon-based refrigeration system with a more energy conscious and environmentally friendly ammonia-based system. On top of that, the facility’s roof was more than 25 years old and had been deteriorating for several years due to various puncture holes, severe UV damage, fastener back out, and wet insulation. Snow and ice had also damaged the roof considerably. Jim Corbett, the city’s recreation facility manager, knew replacing the roof was critical to avoid potential structural damage that may have occurred due to the condition of the original roof membrane.

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Maximize Energy Efficiency

Powering a large, open site can be extremely costly, especially with the variability of energy prices. A well-insulated, UV-reflective, watertight roofing assembly can have a significant impact on your costs, not to mention the thermal comfort of everyone inside.

Vegetative Roof University of Texas Student Center Project

Sustainable solutions

Whether it's UV-reflective roof coatings proven to lower the temperature both inside the building and at street level, restoration systems that reduce landfill waste, membranes that include 8 tires' worth of recycled crumb rubber in a single batch, or vegetative systems that mitigate stormwater runoff and cool the building's interior, we're constantly pushing to see what's possible for your facility and our planet.

Our sustainable innovation never comes at the expense of watertight performance, though, because "There's nothing greener than a roof that lasts.™"

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RMer Span Curve Panels are being installed onto the North County Regional Library