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Full-service manufacturer can provide you with everything you need for your roofing project, all in one stop. By partnering with a full-service manufacturer, you can get materials, design, maintenance and more without having to pay and manage other contractors or vendors. Simply put, quality and integrity is what our business model is based on. From the ground up, our company is owned by our employees, so there is incentive to succeed and deliver the very best products and services at every level.

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Old Photos of the Garland Factory, black and white.

Learn about the History of The Garland Company, Inc.

There’s good reason Garland has remained a reliable and proven leader in the commercial building industry for more than 120 years. We’ve spent more than a century earning the trust of thousands of customers, which we know is not easily earned. That’s why ensuring your continued trust in us has remained a top priority. To us, there is nothing more sacred than delivering on the promises we’ve made. Along with that, our philosophy has always been to put our customers first, which is why we place them at the top of our organizational chart. We truly believe the only way to build lasting success is to help our customers succeed. Our strong commitment to honoring our core values is another integral part of our continued success.

Garland's History