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What is full-service manufacturing?

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The 12-Step Garland Blueprint

With decades of experience on thousands of projects, our comprehensive process has been tested and proven. While you may not require every step on your project, you have the assurance of knowing you're working with a partner who can meet any challenge.

1. Identify customer needs and concerns

The Garland process starts by listening. We want to understand your goals for your building - and what's keeping you from meeting them.

2. Comprehensive visual inspection & survey

Every building envelope is unique. At no cost to you, we'll walk your facility to learn about your individual needs and opportunities.

3. Subsequent analytical testing

Often the true story lies beneath the surface. We'll find it, with an infrared moisture scan, core analysis, or our CLEAR lab analysis.

5. Comparative analysis

We'll help you make an informed decision, giving detailed pros and cons of the short-term project needs and long-term lifecycle costs of each.

6. Prioritize recommended work

We're here for the long run. So we'll assist you in prioritizing the work that needs to be done right away - and the work that can wait until resources and budget allow.

7. Assistance preparing construction documents

Whether the project is managed by the building owner or a design professional, we're ready to support, with comprehesive design of roof and wall assemblies, custom details and specifications.

8. Recommendation of authorized contractors

Our network of pre-approved, Garland-authorized contractors gives your the peace of mind that your project is being managed and installed with care and expertise.

10. Assurance of building code compliance

We can help you successfully navigate federal, state, and local requirements.

11. Installation monitoring

Because we don't sell through middlemen, we're able to stay connected to your project, visiting the job site to ensure Garland roof and wall systems are installed as designed and specified to provide long-term performance.

12. Long-term comprehensive guarantee

When the project's complete, we'll stand by the work, providing a warranty that, like the system itself, will stand the test of time.

How can we help?

Provide your email address to receive periodic updates from Garland, including commentary and technical analysis on the issues most important to commercial buildings. We'll also share project highlights of completed building envelope work, and you'll be the first to know about our next innovation.  

RMer Span Curve Panels are being installed onto the North County Regional Library