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Published: June 17, 2022

Applying Effective Problem-Solving Methodology to Roof System Evaluations

This article proposes that an Observation/Interpretation/Application (OIA) model is an effective planning technique to provide solutions to problems encountered during roof system evaluations.

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Predicting problems, discovering solutions

The application of an effective evaluative methodology can help in both the prediction of problems and in the discovery of solutions. Much more than merely being a proactive plan distinguished by problem awareness
(observation), problem assessment (interpretation), and corrective remediation (application), the use of an effective evaluative procedure aids in the development of viable solutions. With widespread applications, the Observation/Interpretation/Application (OIA) problem-solving model is utilized by physicians for patient evaluations, scientists for data diagnostic analysis, and hermeneutical scholars for decoding ancient manuscripts.

When used skillfully, this three-step, problem-solving methodology serves as both an invaluable investigative tool and an effective framework to search for systematic solutions. Because of these attributes, the application of this model is useful when applied to roof system evaluations, notably roof inspections and leak investigations.

Read the White Paper

In this informative technical white paper, you will: gain an understanding of a systematic, three-step approach that can benefit roof evaluations as well as a virtually endless array of complex problems. Click below to access the full document.

Tom Retych

About the Author

Thomas Retych has over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry and has worked in operations, product management, sales, and technical support. Retych is a senior technical services manager for The Garland Company, Inc., where he blends his extensive industry experience with a passion for building into the careers of the next generation of effective sales and technical professionals. Retych holds to a “people-first philosophy” and measures lasting success by the ability to encourage, equip, and empower others to excel within their areas of influence. Retych has a bachelor’s degree from Lake Erie College.