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Silver Shield® Roof Coating

  • Saves Energy
  • Proven Performance
  • High Solids Content

Silver Shield is a premium quality, high solids content, fibrated aluminum roof coating. Silver Shield is formulated with specially selected asphalts, oils, and resins to combine the waterproofing capabilities of an asphalt roof coating with the reflectivity of aluminum paint. Silver Shield meets and exceeds ASTM D 2824, Type III.

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Saves Energy

A Silver Shield application reduces under-roof temperature by 15 ̊ or more. As a result, the workload on the building’s air conditioning system is reduced by as much as one ton per 1,500 ft.2 (1 ton (metric)/ 9.7 m2) so proper interior temperatures can be maintained at a lower cost.

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Proven Performance

Laboratory tests under conditions far more rigorous than any normal field experience verify Silver Shield’s improved performance and longevity. Silver Shield surpassed conventional reflective coatings in bake tests, accelerated weathering, freeze-thaw cycling, flexibility, and reflectivity tests.

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High Solids Content

Garland selects only the highest-grade aluminum flakes and uses more aluminum per gallon in Silver Shield than is used in some competitive comparable coatings.

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