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Eco-Seal Primer

  • Enhances Sealant Performance
  • Economical
  • Applicator-Friendly

Eco-Seal Primer is a hybrid, acrylic joint sealant primer specifically formulated to enhance the performance of Garland’s Tuff-Stuff® MS and Green-Lock® Sealant XL as well as powdery masonry substrates such as brick, block, stucco, and EIFS. Eco Seal Primer helps prevent the deterioration of these porous masonry surfaces by sealing, leveling, and binding the substrate to the sealant, resulting in an exponential increase in adhesion. Quick drying, environmentally friendly, and easily applied with a roller, brush, or pump sprayer (back-rolling required), Eco-Seal Primer is the safest and most cost-effective way to maximize Garland's hybrid sealants' coverage rate and service life.

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Enhances Sealant Performance

Eco-Seal Primer drastically improves joint sealant performance by allowing the most tenacious adhesion to even the hardest-to-apply substrates. Eco-Seal ensures that your sealant performs to its fullest potential every time.

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Applying a primer prior to the joint sealant is highly cost-effective by allowing the sealant to maximize its coverage rate, saving building owners time and money. Considering the benefits and assurance provided by Eco-Seal Primer, a small initial expense is well worth the long-term investment.

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Eco-Seal Primer is easily applied via roller, brush, or pump sprayer, dries quickly, and has no odor. These attributes also mean building occupants are not disturbed or affected during the application of the Eco-Seal Primer.

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