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The Garland business takes quality talent, and the ability to develop and maintain customer relationships day after day.  It takes individuals with the brainpower, strong work ethic, and a desire to build their own business.  It takes people selling knowledge and solutions, rather than product.  Our upside-down organizational chart puts the customer at the top, and the salesmen next, with everyone else there to support the sales force.  We offer a protected territory, a guaranteed commission structure, an uncapped income, and an intense training program.

Job Responsibilities

The basic responsibility of Garland salespeople is to represent Garland to all customer accounts in a designated geographic territory.  Their purpose is to obtain optimum distribution of products by reaching and exceeding their performance objectives.  They manage the company’s business in each territory, almost as if it were their own, and they coordinate efforts with others such as their peers and the Regional Managers.  The job is best viewed in terms of the functions that are required in order to fill this basic responsibility.  The 12 functional elements of the sales job are:

  1. Develop New Markets and Accounts
  2. Maintain Control of the Financial Aspects of Selling
  3. Demonstrate a Strong Roofing Knowledge/ Skill Base
  4. Provide Leadership and Good Management Practices
  5. Demonstrate “Motivated” Behaviors
  6. Maintain Records, Information Flow & Administrative Details
  7. Develop Key Accounts
  8. Manage Marketing Efforts
  9. Optimize Distribution
  10. Provide Customer Service
  11. Provide Training for Others
  12. Cooperation Within the Company

Job Requirements

  • College Degree Preferred
  • 5 Years of Sales Experience Preferred
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Technical Acumen

If you have trouble or need assistance in completing the information, please call Jay Hebert at 800-321-9336 ext. 3614. To access our online application system, please choose one of the following links below:   

Applicants in the United States
Applicants in Canada
Applicants in the United Kingdom

Approximate completion time of application is 1 hour.