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Black-Knight® Cold Tar-Based Roofing Membrane

  • Cost Effective
  • Self-Healing
  • Low Odor

Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Cold is a specially formulated polymer-modified, cold-process roofing bitumen. Its unique blend of refined tars, solvents, rubberized polymers, fibers, and fillers offers improved performance and superior sag resistance. Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Cold offers improved flexibility and impact resistance over conventional coal tar. Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Cold is designed to be used as an interply adhesive for Garland's cold-applied roof systems; as a flood coat over new and existing hot asphalt and coal tar built-up roofs and modified bitumen roofs; or as a premium restoration material for previously graveled roofs.

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Cost Effective

Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Cold offers superior long-term performance and low maintenance costs to reduce the life cycle costs associated with the roofing system. The high quality and performance of Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Cold will save building owners money year after year. 

Black-Knight Cold Tar Based Roofing Website Photo


Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Cold has cold-flow properties that slowly heal hairline cracks and alligatoring with elevated rooftop temperatures. Over the years, this process will continue, providing the owner with a long-term roofing solution by extending the roofing system's life. 

low VOC, hospital/schools/heavily populated areas

Low Odor

Due to its cold-applied nature, Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Cold eliminates many of the emissions associated with conventional coal tar. 

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