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Pyramic® Plus LO Base Coat

  • Durable
  • Inhibits Mold & Bacteria
  • Easy to Use

Pyramic Plus LO Base Coat is a gray, water-based, acrylic-urethane roof coating. Pyramic Plus LO Base Coat is designed to be the first coat of a two-coat paint system with Pyramic Plus LO as the top coat. Pyramic Plus LO Base Coat is 100% water-based and non-toxic and contains uniquely formulated biocides that minimize the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and algae. Combined with the Pyramic Plus LO topcoat, this Pyramic Plus LO system is designed to preserve asphaltic-modified bitumen surfaces from UV degradation and lower temperatures on the roof surface. That makes the Pyramic Plus LO system one of the market's most resilient acrylic roof systems.

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This unique acrylic-urethane chemistry is engineered to be flexible, allowing it to flex with the roof's movements instead of breaking. The durable materials are meant to protect the surface beneath and extend the roof's life.

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Inhibits Mold & Bacteria

Pyramic Plus LO Base Coat contains a proprietary, specifically-engineered biocide package that minimizes mold, fungi, algae, and bacteria formation and growth. This biocide package helps the coating surface stay cleaner, thus, reducing the effects of solar heat gain and damage.

Product Page Feature Photos

Easy to Use

Pyramic Plus LO Base Coat has a gray tint, making it easier for applicators to apply the top coat of the system properly. Due to the color difference between this base coat and the top coat, applicators won’t need to guess where the white top coat has been covered, resulting in a more successful installation and a longer-lasting system.

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