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Protector SS

  • Water Repellent
  • EPA Compliant
  • Vapor Permeable

Protector SS is one component, water-based, multifunctional, self-cross-linking, water-soluble alkyl alkoxy silane, and siloxane designed to treat a wide variety of mineral substrates, including architectural concrete, concrete block, split-face block, pavers, stucco, porous and dense brick, clay tile, exposed aggregate concrete, sandstone, and slate.

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Product Specifications


Sun beam in Dark Clouds and Sky before Thunderstorm

Water Repellent

Provides excellent water repellency to reduce cracking, spalling, freeze-thaw damage, chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence, and dirt pickup, lengthening substrate life and reducing maintenance costs.

low VOC, hospital/schools/heavily populated areas

EPA Compliant

EPA compliant - Low VOC emissions on curing.

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Vapor Permeable

Coatings are vapor permeable to resist cracking, peeling, and blistering and allow carbonation to continue after the coating’s application. This allows for lengthened substrate life and greater substrate structural strength over time.

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