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UniBond™ St

  • Seals & Reinforces
  • Multi-Purpose & User-Freindly
  • Resilient & Flexible

UniBond ST is a high-performance, fatigue resistant, self-priming, 100% solids tape designed for Garland cold-process restoration systems. This versatile tape will instantly seal and reinforce seams and penetrations on various metal and single-ply roof systems and components. UniBond ST bonds aggressively to numerous surfaces, including properly prepared EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, aged PVC, CPE, metal roofs, brick, concrete, and masonry. It is formulated with synthetic resins, thermoplastics, and non-curing rubber with a woven polyester face. UniBond ST is used on single-ply and metal roofs in conjunction with the CPR ™ White, Revitalizer ™ Metal, White-Knight ®/White-Stallion®, White Knight®/White-Stallion® Plus, and cold-applied roof maintenance systems to seal roof joints, seams, tears, flashings, copings, skylights, and gutters. Extremely flexible, with no memory, UniBond ST conforms to virtually any shape. UniBond ST seals to itself so it can be cut and folded around an object. A UV-stable finish coat must be applied to UniBond ST on the same day - do not expose the UniBond ST fabric surface to the elements.

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Seals & Reinforces

UniBond ST seals and reinforces seams and penetrations, fusing at a molecular level to various substrates to create an instant, airtight and watertight barrier. This product forms a durable, monolithic restoration system when combined with Garland cold-applied roof coating systems: CPR White, Revitalizer Metal, White-Knight/White-Stallion, or White-Knight/White-Stallion Plus.

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Multi-Purpose & User-Friendly

Can be used in various applications such as sealing seams, approved flashing details, and numerous maintenance repairs. Installation is as easy as applying a piece of tape. UniBond ST’s built-in primer and advanced micro-sealant adhesive technology enable instant adhesion on contact—the versatility and trouble-free application make UniBond ST an invaluable tool for maintenance and roof restoration.

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Resilient & Flexible

The 100% solids content prevents shrinkage, aiding the long-term yield of 500% elongation and enabling UniBond ST to accommodate movement.

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