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Tuff-Stuff® MS Sealant

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Extended Life for High Movement
  • User Friendly & Saves Money

Tuff-Stuff MS is a moisture-curing, single-component, non-sag sealant that contains no solvents. When cured, Tuff-Stuff MS offers the performance of a two-part sealant with the ease of installation associated with a one-part. It is designed to maintain an effective bond and seal between materials of similar and dissimilar surfaces, porosities, and expansion coefficients. Tuff-Stuff MS is designed for reglets, precast panels, tilt-up walls, metal curtain walls, copings, window and door perimeters, panel bedding, and glazing details.

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Environmentally Friendly

Due to its modified silane chemistry, Tuff-Stuff MS is a low-odor product useful in VOC-sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, and food production plants. Tuff-Stuff MS does not use solvent or isocyanates and only contains 29 grams of VOCs per liter. 

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Extended Life for High Movement

Tuff-Stuff MS high solid content optimizes minimal shrinking, unlike heavily solvent-based products that will shrink when exposed to UV as the solvents fished out, enabling high flexibility and long-term performance. 

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User Friendly & Saves Money

Tuff-Stuff MS can be applied with a normal caulking gun, industrial type, and wet or dry tooled into a joint making it easy for in-house maintenance use. 

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