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Green-Lock® Sealant XL

  • VOC Compliant
  • Movement Capability
  • No Slump

Green-Lock Sealant XL is a single component, high-performance, 100% solids, interior and exterior hybrid polymer joint sealant designed for difficult sealing applications throughout the building envelope Green-Lock Sealant XL is the perfect sealant for both moving and non-moving joint applications. Green-Lock Sealant XL bonds tenaciously to asphalt, modified bitumen sheets, concrete, metal (including Kynar® coated metal), PVC, brick, EIFS, stone, untreated lumber, and EPDM membranes. It can seal aluminum, steel, ceramics, extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, and glass.

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Product Specifications


low VOC, hospital/schools/heavily populated areas

VOC Compliant

Green-Lock Sealant XL is 100% solids, meaning it has a very low odor and will not shrink once cured.

Green-Lock V2 3

Movement Capability

Produces 550% elongation to accommodate the most severe amounts of building movement. 

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No Slump

Experiences no slump and stays on the surface it adheres to; it can be used for overhead applications. 

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