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Silver Flash®

  • Cost Savings
  • UV Stable
  • Multi-Purpose Application

Silver Flash is a cold-applied, silver trowel-grade mastic designed for three-course flashings, patching, and leak repair applications. It is formulated with a premium oxidized asphalt base, a high-quality premium leafing silver aluminum paste, fibers, and thixotropic additives that impart a brilliant finish and vertical sag resistance. Silver Flash can be used with any asphalt roofing system to rebuild or maintain flashings and repair holes, splits, or blisters on the roof surface. Not recommended for use when there is a 40% chance of rain in the forecast.

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Cost Savings

Silver Flash delivers a finished product on application eliminating the need to come back to aluminize black asphalt mastic and flashings after 30 days. This provides the building owner with a one-step application, which saves building owners and contractors time and money.

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UV Stable

Unlike traditional mastics, Silver Flash is silver right out of the pail and, when applied, turns a brilliant silver color, reflecting UV rays away from the application.

Product Page Feature Photos Silver Flash

Multi-Purpose Application

Silver Flash is a multi-purpose material ideal for rebuilding or maintaining flashings and repairing holes, splits, or blisters in asphalt-based roof systems.

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